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Interactive Learning
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Pooh Furby Arthur

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information available below.


Agent name : Pooh

-- eToys description --

...animated Pooh loves to chat and listen,"cause that's
simply what friends do!" Hold either one of his hands
(or both) and give a little squeeze, and in an endearing
voice, he'll say, "What a sunny honey day to play!"...
He'll also ask you to play a game with him, and when
you answer correctly, he'll turn to you (his head is
voice-activated) and tell you how smart you are.

Sometimes, Pooh just wants to be hugged, so he'll
move his mouth and say, "Hold both hands and
hug me tightly."

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Agent name : Furby

-- descriptions --

...Furby loves you Furby (tm) ... pet ... can
communicate with you ... only in
teach him to speak English. He sees, feels and hears ...
ears, eyes and mouth move as he speaks ....Furby(tm)
can say over 800 phrases ... it learns as it plays....
responds to light, touch, sound ... other Furbys ...
hear the jabber ... they'll charm you with their
moving eyes, mouths, and ears; ...this generation
of Furbies is even more interactive.they are smarter,
learn faster, ... have more evolved personalities.
You'll be fascinated.

... newest addition to the fantastically faddish Furby
family... Furby Babies! Smaller versions of the
originals (but with louder and higher-pitched voices)
....chest, blue, pink ears, and a white tuft of hair on
its head...burp your Furby Baby

-- --

secrets about using furby

If your Furby (tm) is bad and you want to punish...,
then shake.  him/her. If you wanna make your
Furby cry , turn him/her upside down and shake
him. They will start screaming and them say Me
No Like , then they will cry.

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Agent name : Arthur

-- eToys description --

...another way to teach children ... a witty 4,000
word vocabulary ... a versatile interactive companion
for kids. ...squeeze Arthur's ear, toe, or "Bionic Bunny"
wristwatch to play dozens of thought provoking games.
...encourage your child to get excited about learning.
Arthur's wristwatch knows the time...Arthur keenly
watches and responds to ActiMates-compatible Arthur
videos and PBS TV shows... children have a partner
...makes learning fun ...learn at their own... TV Pack
and PC Pack are sold separately. Batteries not included.

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